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Flare Candle Linen Spray

The Southern Market Boutique

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Flare Candle Linen Spray
Flare Candle Linen Spray

4 Ounce Linen Spray in an amber glass spray bottle.


Scent Descriptions:

  • Pink Suga- The sugary aroma comes from ingredients you remember from your childhood like vanilla, caramel and cotton candy.
  • Grace- The soft sensual smell of cashmere and vanilla pear.
  • Barn Wood-The dry smell of rustic wood mixed with hints of leather and sandalwood will put you in the mood to go vintage picken .
  • Farmer’s Flannel- This oil is so enticing. Tobacco leaves, vanilla sugar, bergamot, and spices.
  • Blueberry Crumble- This is a delicious blend of blueberries, rich creamed butter, and fresh ground cinnamon.
  • Pomegranate Mist- A superb blend of sweet orange essential oils and a super heavy pomegranate!
  • White Linen- A luxurious, soft linen with hints of sandalwood.
  • Sweet Milk + Lavender- This beautiful combination of lavender and coconut milk will calm your soul.
  • Coffee Shop- Nothings better than delicious glazed doughnuts and black coffee.
  • Plantation- A delicate yet satisfyingly bold combination of florals. Southern magnolias, peonies, and wood leave your home smelling clean and graceful!!
  • Bohemian Jade- We love this bright and lively scent. Like succulent with tender buds emerging notes of sweet agave and watery aloe.
  • Berry Brûlée- Rich buttery pancakes mixed with berries.
  • Lemon Zest-This fresh but spicy fragrance is simply amazing!!! Lemongrass, orange and fresh lime grabs your attention, but hints of vanilla make it Oh So Comforting.
  • Grapefruit + Mango- This blend of ripe, tangy grapefruit and mangosteen makes this scent fresh and uplifting

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